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Cold Rolled Commercial Quality Carbon Steel Sheet - Oiled
Cold Rolled Commercial Quality Sheets are produced from rimmed, capped and semi-killed steel and are intended for exposed or unexposed parts involving bending, moderate drawing or forming and welding. They may be bent flat on themselves in any direction without cracking.
Applications: Practical experience is usually sufficient to determine whether
Commercial Quality or Drawing Quality is required, otherwise, the Scribed Square Test (ASTM A 568) can be helpful. A grid of 1” squares is marked on the section representing the most severe draw. The squares are measured for percent increase in area after
drawing. Experience has shown that Commercial Quality is usually satisfactory if the increase in the area is less than 25%. If more than 25%, Drawing Quality is recommended.
Analysis: C - .15 Max. Mn - .60 Max. P - .035 Max. S - .04 Max.
Mechanical Properties: (following values are average and are representative)
Commercial Drawing
Tensile Strength (psi) 38-50,000 36-46,000 Yield Point (psi) 25-35.000 23-30,000 Elongation (% in 2”) 35-42 38-43
Weldability: Yes. Forming: Yes.
C1018 Cold Finished Bar
A low carbon steel with medium manganese content.
Applications: Cold forming and bending operations (for severe bends stress
relieving may be needed to prevent cracking); carburized parts requiring soft core
and high surface hardness such as king pins, gears, dogs, etc.
Also suitable for parts requiring cold forming such as crimping, swaging or bending.
Analysis: C - .15/.20 Mn - .60/.90 P - .04 Max. S - .05 Max.
Mechanical Properties: (following are minimum properties based on typical 1” bar).
Conforms to ASTM A108.
1” rd Cold 1” rd Hot
Tensile Strength (psi) 64,000 58,000
Yield Point (psi) 54,000 36,000
Elongation (% in 2”) 15 25
Reduction of Area (%) 55
Brinell Hardness 125 120
Machinability: 78% based on 1212 as 100%. Surface Cutting Speed: 130 ft/min.
Weldability: Excellent by all processes forming extremely high quality joints and welds.
Hardening: Standard carburizing methods. Hard case and tough core carburize at
1650º F - 1700º F for approx. 8 hrs. Oven cool. Reheat to 1400º F - 1450º F. Water quench and draw at 300º F - 350º F.
C1045 Cold Finished Bar
A medium carbon steel allowing higher strength properties than 1018. A wide range of properties can be obtained.
Applications: Shafts, machinery parts, bolts, pinions, gears.
Analysis: C - .43/.50 Mn - .60/.90 P - .04 Max. S - .05 Max.
Mechanical Properties: (following are minimum properties based on typical 1” bar)
1” rd
Tensile Strength (psi) 82,000
Yield Point (psi) 45,000
Elongation (% in 2”) 16
Reduction of Area (%) 32
Brinell Hardness 162
Machinability: 64% based on 1212 as 100%. Surface Cutting Speed: 95-105 ft/min.
Weldability: Fair. With thin sections and flexible design, gas or arc welding may be used
without preheating except in joints over 1/2“ to 3/4” thick where preheating is necessary.
For equivalent strength in a weld a low alloy filler is recommended. Stress relieving after
is recommended. Grade of welding rod to be used depends on thickness of section,
design, service requirement, etc. Hardening: Essentially water hardened (1550º F)
although can be quenched in oil (1575º F). Wide range of mechanical properties
obtained by tempering between 700º F to 1300º F. Avoid tempering between
500º F and 700º F.

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